About Us

About Us

The Office of Disability Services strives to enable students with a disability to take full advantage of the educational opportunities that Georgia State University has to offer.  Some students struggle unnecessarily with disabilities for years when it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are a number of services, resources and accommodations we can arrange for you or assist you with.

Throughout this website you will obtain information and directions on how to apply for accommodations and receive excellent services during your educational semesters at Georgia State University.

Our number one priority is providing equal access to students with disabilities.

The Office of Disability Services – ODS – provides services for students, faculty and staff with permanent disabilities. Our mission is to create and accessible community when people are judged on their ability, not disability. ODS strives to provide individuals with the tools by which they can accomplish their educational and career goals.

The Office of Disability Services will work with any student, faculty member, or staff who has a disability (physical, health, learning, psychological, etc.) to ensure meaningful access to the goods and services offered by Georgia State University. To achieve this goal, academic accommodations are made on behalf of the student.