The Office of Disability Services will work with any student who has a disability to ensure meaningful access to the goods and services offered by Georgia State University which includes the Brookhaven, Alpharetta Centers and online courses. To achieve this goal, academic accommodations are often made on behalf of the student.  The Academic and Student Affairs Handbook can be reviewed under the University System of Georgia; referral to 3.11 Student with Learning Disorders policy.

The decision of what auxiliary aids and services a student receives is made on an individual basis. To be eligible for these aids and services, a student must bring appropriate documentation to a Disability Service provider. Please refer to Documentation Guidelines for more information. Once appropriate documentation has been presented, appropriate auxiliary aides and services will be provided to ensure equal access to that individual student.

Testing Accommodations:
Testing services are provided for students with disabilities who need specific testing accommodations such as extended testing time, scribe services, distraction-reduced testing environment, braille test conversion, and the use of adaptive technology or equipment.

New Student Services:
The procedure for registering with The Office of Disability Services is outlined below.

  1. Complete the request for accommodations application along with the housing accommodation request(if needed). (Each link will open into a new window)
  2. Review documentation guidelines to discern appropriate guidelines for your respective disability:
  3. When requesting current documentation from your physician submit the respective documentation guidelines as well.
  4. If you are unsure as to whether you have a disability or not the Georgia State University’s Regents Center for Learning Disorders can assist.  Step by step instructions on completing an RCLD packet.
      After you have completed, signed, and submitted the required application and documentation. Allow 15 business days from the date of submission for the Intake Coordinator to contact you to schedule an appointment with your assigned Disability Service Provider.