Alternative Testing Policy

How to Schedule an Exam

How to Schedule an Exam:

To schedule an exam in the Office of Disability Services department:

  1. Submit a copy of their academic accommodation letter signed by each instructor they have a course with for that semester.
  2. Submit a complete Request for Individualized Testing Accommodation (R.I.T.A.) form signed by both the student and the class instructor.

Here are some tips to scheduling exams in Disability Services:

  1. Schedule an appointment with their instructors.
  2. Present your instructor with the RITA form and Academic Accommodation letter for review and their signature. This form should be completed in its entirety listing all future exams and quizzes.
  3. Return both forms to Disability Services 5 business days before your first exam date.

Exam Protocol

Students must adhere to the Exam Protocol.

Additionally, please review Disability Services protocol for student who exhibit behavior that may violate the Student Code of Conduct and the Policy on Academic Honesty.