Common Problems

Common Problems

Top Five Things that Go Wrong and How to Prevent Them

  • The test is not available on the date and time you’re scheduled to take it.
    How to Prevent:
    Talk with your professors on a regular basis. They will be more likely to remember you and your test dates. Sometimes professors will allow you to bring the test to Disability Services in a sealed envelope.
  • You do not receive your test grades at the same time your classmates do.
    How to prevent:
    Talk to your professors to discuss options to get your exams back to your professors more quickly.

    • You deliver the test in a sealed envelope to your professor.
    • Disability Services faxes or emails the answers back to the professor.
    • Your professor sends someone to pick up the test.
  • You arrive to take your test without your pencil, scantron, calculator or other essentials.
    How to prevent:
    Disability Services does not provide these items. Bring what you will need in an envelope with your name to Disability Services to hold. Disability Services is not responsible for unclaimed items at the end of the semester or for theft.
  • You need to ask a question about the test material while you are testing at Disability Services.
    How to prevent:
    Since the staff of Disability Services cannot answer questions about test material, there are several possible strategies.

    • Obtain written permission to call your instructor during your test.
    • Receive your testing accommodation directly from your professor without coming to Disability Services.
    • Ask your professor to come to Disability Services during your exam to answer questions.
  • Your exam is scheduled after hours, or Disability Services will close before you finish.
    How to prevent:
    There are several strategies for this issue.

    • Talk to your professor about starting early enough to finish before closing time.
    • Ask your professor to schedule different parts of the exam on different days.
    • Receive testing accommodations directly from your professor without coming to Disability Services.