Welcome Back!

Posted On August 18, 2017
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August is an exciting time of the year as it marks the beginning of a new academic year. Georgia State University’s campuses are buzzing with activity as newly admitted as well as continuing students return for classes. Disability Services welcomes new and returning Georgia State students back to campus and wishes everyone a successful and productive academic term.

Any student with a disability at Georgia State University has the right to request reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Reasonable accommodations are intended to provide qualified students with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their academic ability. Students, newly admitted and returning, must request academic accommodations through Disability Services.

First year students with disabilities can request academic accommodations by registering with Disability Services. These students should complete the Request for Academic Accommodations Form and provide appropriate documentation of their disability. Students may visit the How to Register option under the Services tab on Disability Services’ website for detailed instructions. Continuing Georgia State students who have not sought services before may also receive services by following the same procedure. Students are encouraged to request services early in the semester to maximize their effectiveness.

Continuing students who are already registered with Disability Services must follow these steps in order to more readily utilize their approved accommodations during the semester:

  • Students should make copies of their Student Accommodation Letter. Students are always welcome to retrieve copies of their letters from Disability Services.
  • Students are advised to meet with professors for courses in which they will be using accommodations to present a copy of their student accommodation letter. Professors must sign the letter. Then students must return the signed letter to Disability Services. The priority deadline for the fall semester is September 29, 2017.
  • Students with testing accommodations who intend to take their tests in Disability Services must download a Testing Request Form or pick it up from the office. They must schedule time with their professor and complete the form with them in its entirety. Tests must be scheduled five business days before the actual test date. Final exams have to be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the date of the exam.
  • Students who have notetaking services as an approved accommodation must complete the Notetaking Request Form. Students who plan to ask their professors to help them identify a note taker can contact Disability Services to obtain the Note taker Announcement.
  • Students who need their textbooks in an alternative format should make their requests as early as possible. Book orders can take up to three weeks to be completed. Students can obtain the book information from the Georgia State bookstore or by directly contacting their professors.

Students who have any questions about the procedures outlined above or who need any further information should contact Disability Services or search our website.